On January 11, 1902, the U.S. Treasury Department issued Charter No. 6091 to the First National Bank of Anson, Anson, Texas, authorizing them to commence banking. The bank continues to operate to this date under the same charter and the same name, being the only bank in Jones County to survive the depression era without reorganization and/or recapitalization. During the period since organization, the bank has not only continuously operated under the same charter and same name, but is the only surviving bank in Anson*, having acquired the assets of three other failed banks. In 1902 it purchased the Jones County Bank, in 1915 the Farmers and Merchants National Bank, and in 1930 the First State Bank. credit for its success is given to its continuous strong management, and successor management training.

R.R. Shapard was the first president for a short period of 2 years, followed by C.H. Steele, who served until his resignation in 1916. R.R. Shapard then returned for four years, and in 1920 C.H. Steele's brother, J.J. Steele became president and served until 1945. He was succeeded by J.H. Warren who served until J.H. Fry became president in 1956, and during his tenure the bank's present quarters were built in 1959. Dan McLaren was elected president in 1968 and served in that capacity until his retirement in 1984. In the meantime, in 1977 a control group headed by Jim Heidenheimer purchased the bank, and he was elected Chairman of the Board and served as Chief Executive Officer. His son, Mitch Heidenheimer became president in 1994.

First National Bank's mission is to meet the needs of the market we serve by providing community leadership and quality financial services. Our employees are deeply involved in church offices, booster clubs, and numerous community activities. Our financial services include competitive loan and deposit rates, telephone banking, and internet banking. We have recently introduced and brand new line of deposit products to provide our customers with a greater selection of accounts, based upon their individual needs. Finally, we're excited about providing you with the convenience of internet banking..

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